In order to be able to carry out a qualified cost-benefit estimate in the early phases of design, it is necessary to compare the military effectiveness of different solutions. The simulation of a model provides the possibility of making quantitative statements on the use of resources. This makes it possible to identify the most promising concepts even before building prototypes.

02 Simulation 4

In addition, the simulation provides the possibility of carrying out tests into the maximum load limit of persons and material which cannot be carried out in reality.
In order to carry out these tests, simulation environments are already available and ready to be deployed at MTG Marinetechnik. These systems are available for analyzing the:

- Performance of designs in real tactical scenarios (virtual battlefield)

- Behavior of ships and connected systems at sea

- Use of organic resources
- Effects of hits and ship safety measures

- Use of torpedoes and mines and countermeasures

Simulation of sensors and effectors and their interaction.

01 Simulation 5

The simulation of the behavior of ships and operative assets in a seaway using the example of hoisting and lowering a ship’s boat.

Simulation of demining operations.