Our method of operation is based on the VORGES system as is our careful analysis of user requirements. This system represents the whole process in its logical sequence and gives the customer the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process at any time.

The entire plan is divided into levels and phases which are continuously validated. By constantly checking and optimizing previous results, solutions are created which are often unusual but always based on efficiency and performance.

MTG Marinetechnik develops one or more preliminary designs on the basis of the functional requirements, independent of the type, size, and specifications of the ship. A preliminary design contains information such as:

- 2-D side view and plan view
- Drive concept
- Power generation
- Operation system
- Platform including ship operation facilities
- Survivability
- Personnel/crew
- Signatures
- Ergonomics
- Parametric cost estimate.

The functional requirements can be validated and a cost estimate to accompany the project can be carried out on the basis of one or more designs. An increase in the quality of information is achieved by developing concept designs on the basis of results from the preliminary designs. These include:

- 3-D model
- General plan
- Complete furnishing and equipment
of the model on a component level
- Calculatory cost estimate.