Our many decades of experience enable us to provide cost estimates to accompany the draft in all planning phases. The client is very quickly able to continuously monitor the costs and keep track of the budget and the project. MTG Marinetechnik helps in reducing the total risk by providing detailed cost statements and cost risk analyses which enable our clients to reliably plan budgets. The procedures and software used here for estimating costs have been developed by MTG itself.

During the development of the preliminary design with initially relatively little technical information, MTG uses the parametric cost estimate tool SCEM (Ship Cost Estimation Method) to estimate the procurement costs at the time of the design. In this phase the user costs are normally estimated for personnel, maintenance, and operating costs. Other areas can also be examined if the customer requires, for example: costs of configuration management and obsolescence management.

More detailed statements on costs, for example the costs of living, are possible with an increasing availability of technical details. A calculatory approach is applied when estimating the costs of concept designs, the basis of which are used to calculate detailed procurement and also user costs on a component level.

With the help of our cost-risk analysis we define the probability of occurrences with which certain budgets could be kept to or exceeded. This is the most relevant cost estimate information for the project management.

In addition to the probability of occurrences, our risk analysis also defines specific risk factors, such as the cost drivers in the project.

The different forecast models are selected and adjusted individually when calculating the user costs of specific operation scenarios.